20. Oktober 1946: Das St. Officium in einem Brief an den Nuntius in Paris, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli (der sp?tere Papst Johannes XXIII), ?ber j?dische Kinder, die vor dem Nazi-Terror in die Obhut der katholischen Kirche geflohen waren:

"Those children who have been baptized cannot be entrusted to institutions that are unable to ensure a Christian education.

Regarding those children who no longer have parents and for whom the Church has been responsible, it is not advisable that they be abandoned by the Church itself or entrusted to persons who have no rights whatsoever over them ? unless they are able to take responsibility over themselves. This obviously applies to children who have not been baptized.

If the children have been entrusted [to the Church] by their parents, and if the parents now claim them back, they can be returned, provided the children themselves have not been baptized. It should be noted that this decision of the Congregation of the Holy Office has been approved by the Holy Father.
(Quelle: Jerusalem Post, 29.12.04 -- kostenpflichtig --. Via

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